The Problem We're Solving

Cargo Delivery to Remote Locations with Limited Infrastructure

In places with undeveloped, limited, or damaged infrastructure, time-critical transportation of cargo can be extremely difficult, risky, expensive, and slow.


Commercial and Industrial


  • Truck deliveries affected by available routes, speed limits and road conditions

  • Trips limited by driver availability

  • Average road delivery round trip of 7 hours


Typical Mission

Emergency or time-sensitive parts delivery and routine resupply


Military and Defense


  • Helicopter deliveries costly and vulnerable

  • Limited by equipment and pilot availability

  • Often requires hub and spoke staging operations


Typical Mission

Special Ops resupply


Medical and Humanitarian


  • Road deliveries are slow and often impossible

  • Helicopters expensive and staff and fuel intensive

  • Hub and spoke distribution often results in inventory imbalances


Typical Mission

Delivery of water, tents, medicines, building materials


The Market is ready for Disruption

With significantly lower capital and operating costs, greater routing flexibility straight to the point of need, and just-in-time delivery capability, we reduce reliance on operators and maintenance personnel, providing reliable transportation regardless of infrastructure.


Typical Hub Logistics

Multiple disrtribution points before arriving at the point of need

Aergility Distributed Logistics

Point-of-supply direct to point-of-need