Leadership and Success in Business and Technology

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Jim Vander Mey

Founder, CEO

Jim has been the founder and CEO of two successful technology startups funded by major venture firms and strategic partners, and has served on numerous company and organization governing boards.

After time in academia as a professor of Computer Science at two Big 10 universities, Jim embarked on a prolific career of multidisciplinary product design, with patents / patents pending in computer architecture, data communications, optics, solar energy, spread spectrum technology, and aeronautics.


Larry Yonge

CO-Founder, VP R&D

Larry is an experienced leader in managing advanced technology research and development with over 100 US patents.

As Senior Director for Qualcomm Atheros / Intellon Corporation, he managed the development of multiple generations of the HomePlug powerline technology. Founder of startup in 1984 that grossed $44M (in 2018 dollars) the second year in business.

Larry holds a commercial pilot’s license and has over 40 years of flying experience.


Tim Vander Mey

Chief Design Engineer

Tim has over 30 years of experience in electronic and mechanical design. He has led design efforts in factory automation, high speed communication and signal processing, RF and high speed analog, power electronics and magnetics, motor control, structural design, thermal management, LIDAR vision systems, and numerous other technologies.

Tim also holds patents in a variety of diverse fields, including digital signal processing, VTOL aircraft design, and cancer treatment.



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Tiger Composites - Prototype Build and Manufacturing

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