Our Solution:
Autonomous Cargo UAVs




Performance Specs

Spec US Metric
Max Speed, Vh 115 mph 185 kmh
Cruise Speed, Vh 100 mph 160 kmh
Range* 200-600 mi 320-960 kmh
Takeoff/Landing Distance 0 (vertical)
Gross Takeoff Weight 800 lbs 363 kg
Empty Weight 400 lbs 181 kg
Useful Load* 250-350 lbs 113-159 kg

* Payload of 400 lbs gives useful load/range of 350 lbs/200 mi to 250 lbs/600 mi


Safety Specs

Triple Redundancies

  • Sensors

  • Flight Controllers

  • Batteries

Dual Communication Buses

Failure Tolerance

  • Engine

  • Protor/Motor

Controller Safety-Constrained Flight Envelope


Key Attributes

  • Autonomous delivery, straight to the point-of-need

  • Longest multirotor range in the world

  • Lowest operating cost of any aerial cargo vehicle

  • Patented technology

  • High maneuverability and operating speed

Patented Technology and Hybrid Design

Union of Two Flight Technologies



Multirotors have powerful and lightweight electric motors… but these aircraft use battery power for both forward flight AND lift. Due to the weight of the batteries required to keep them in the air, multirotors have limited range and poor payload efficiency. 



Unlike a helicopter, a gyrocopter uses an unpowered rotor. A pusher prop gives the vehicle forward motion, and airflow rotates the rotor, providing lift, a concept know as autorotation.


Managed Autorotation

Like a multirotor, powerful electric motors are used for vertical take off and landing,and like a gyrocopter, in forward flight. Our rotors provide lift via autorotation.


With Managed Autorotation, power can be adjusted to maneuver the aircraft or recharge the batteries in-flight.  Thanks to the gas-powered pusher prop, we achieve many times the range of a multirotor, reducing need for heavy batteries.


Technology Platform

  • Patented Managed Autorotation technology

  • Blended gas-electric design

  • Autonomous navigation

  • State-of-the-art ground control

  • Integrated cargo handling system

  • Scalable platform



Simulator and Static Tests

Thousands of hours have gone into refining our design over the past 3 years, through dozens of iterations and innovations, using a simulator to validate new ideas. From there we progressed to a static testing rig to test motors, speed controllers, and propellers

Scale Technology Demonstrator

As shown in the video, our Scale Technology Demonstrator is extremely flight worthy and stable in all modes of flight, from hover to cruise at 60 mph.  Over a year of flight testing has thoroughly validated Managed Autorotation Technology, corroborated computer and aerodynamic analysis, and provided confidence in simulation model data. This data has proven invaluable for modeling our full-scale aircraft.