Long-range autonomous delivery

Straight to the Point-of-Need




Aergility develops autonomous, long-range, high-payload cargo UAVs

Problems we solve

In places with undeveloped, limited, or damaged infrastructure, time critical transportation of cargo can be extremely difficult, risky, expensive, and slow.


Managed Autorotation

At cruising speed, this patent-pending technology generates lift without the need for electric power and replenishes the battery power expended during take-off.

Managed autorotation enables a new category of VTOL: Efficient, long-range, high-payload UAV that retain the agility and maneuverability of a multicopter drone. 

Granular Point-of-Need Distribution

Large-scale payloads are a two-edged sword.  While a lot of supplies can be moved at once, they're distributed to a central location, with more granular distribution left to ground-based resources.

ATLIS is able to deliver payloads straight to the point of need



Thousands of hours have gone into refining our design over the past 3 years, through dozens of iterations and innovations, using a simulator to validate new ideas.

Static Tests

We've built a static testing rig to test motors, speed controllers, and propellers, even going so far as to mount on a truck and test on the highway at speed!

Scale Prototype

Our quarter-scale ATLIS prototype has been constructed and flight-tested at quarter-scale in order to validate and build upon all simulator testing

developing Full-Scale Prototype

Design on our full-scale ATLIS aircraft is complete, thanks to Robrady Design, and we've partnered with Zivko Aeronautics to build two full-scale prototypes, and to help us prepare for manufacturing and commercialization.

The images below demonstrate all angles of ATLIS, and also show how cargo is loaded into the aircraft, and how it can transform for ground transportation.


Managed AutoRotation

How it works

What is Managed Autorotation, and why do we claim it has the potential to enable a new category of VTOL?


Electric Motors on Take-OFF

On vertical take-off and landing, our motors help us quickly transition to or from forward flight with minimal battery energy


Gas-Powered Propeller

A rear-mounted gas-engine-driven prop provides all the power necessary for forward flight and aerodynamic power for in-flight electrical regeneration


Managed Autorotation

At cruise speed, this technology provides lift and control with net-zero electric energy and regenerates any battery energy expended during take-off and landing

The proof is in the data

Managed Autorotation Power Profile Example

View detailed document demonstrating how Managed Autorotation Technology controls the power and energy used in a simulated takeoff and initial flight. 


Video clips of Power Profile example flight

See clips from simulated flight that generated the Managed Autorotation Technology Power Profile example.


A Scalable Platform with a wide range of use cases

The core technology behind ATLIS allows us to build aircraft of varying sizes and payloads in order to fulfill the needs of different industries.  We break this down into three groups: Surveillance Scale, Cargo Scale, and Transportation Scale.

Surveillance Scale Use Cases


Border Patrol

Small-scale Agricultural Spraying


News Helicopters


Crop and Livestock Monitoring

Land Survey

Military Surveillance

Environmental Research

Cargo Scale Use Cases

Point-of-need Disaster Response


NGO Support


Crop Spraying

Commercial Cargo


Oil Platforms Resupply

Materials Transport for Remote Construction

Military Resupply

Transportation Scale Use Cases

Large-scale Cargo Transport

Air Ambulance

Human Transportation


Meet the team bringing Aergility to life

Jim Headshot.png

Jim Vander Mey

Founder, CEO

Jim has been the founder and CEO of two successful technology startups funded by major venture firms and strategic partners, and has served on numerous company and organization governing boards.

After time in academia as a professor of Computer Science at two Big 10 universities, Jim embarked on a prolific career of multidisciplinary product design, with patents / patents pending in computer architecture, data communications, optics, solar energy, spread spectrum technology, and aeronautics.


Larry Yonge

CO-Founder, VP R&D

Larry is an experienced leader in managing advanced technology research and development with over 100 US patents.

As Senior Director for Qualcomm Atheros / Intellon Corporation, he managed the development of multiple generations of the HomePlug powerline technology. Founder of startup in 1984 that grossed $44M (in 2018 dollars) the second year in business.

Larry holds a commercial pilot’s license and has over 40 years of flying experience.


Tim Vander Mey

Chief Design Engineer

Tim has over 30 years of experience in electronic and mechanical design. He has led design efforts in factory automation, high speed communication and signal processing, RF and high speed analog, power electronics and magnetics, motor control, structural design, thermal management, LIDAR vision systems, and numerous other technologies.

Tim also holds patents in a variety of diverse fields, including digital signal processing, VTOL aircraft design, and cancer treatment.



Robrady - Industrial Design

Zivko Aueronautics - Prototype Build and Manufacturing

Watts Innovations - Flight Testing

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We are based out of Dunnellon, FL with most of our flight testing being performed in Summerfield, FL

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