Real World Solutions


Time-Sensitive Mine Deliveries

Current Approach

  • Trucks deliver goods across winding roads

  • Multi-hour roundtrips

  • Thousands of trips annually

Aergility’s Advantage

  • Aerial routes cut distance traveled by 30%

  • Reduced risk of human error

  • Lower cost and faster delivery speed


Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief

Current Approach

  • Four Blackhawks fly 369 flight hours across 216 missions in 30 days

  • Helicopters deliver 400k+ lbs (180k+ kg)

Aergility’s Advantage

  • Eight ATLIS aircraft each fly 10 sorties a day

  • Cargo delivered directly to points of need

  • Aergility delivers 480k+ lbs (215k+ kg) in 15 days

  • 2X delivery at less than half the cost

Competitive Advantages

VTOL UAV Market - Useful Load and Range


Key Advantages

  • Significantly lower capital and operating costs

  • Greater routing flexibility straight to the point of need

    • Just-in-time delivery capability

    • Reduced hub-and-spoke distribution infrastructure

    • Faster response time on urgent deliveries

    • Sequential sortie capability when additional cargo needed

  • Reduced reliance on drivers, pilots and specialized maintenance personnel

  • Higher assured delivery across damaged or unpassable roads